Buy sod grass by the roll or pallet

Everyone's buying sod grass this time of year - its an easy way to get a beautiful plush-green lawn.  Whether you need multiple pallets or just a few pieces to patch that one spot, we can help.

We harvest only the best quality sod grass, directly from the farm, at discount rates... and we pass our savings on to you.

That's why everyone in town knows that Bryan's Lawn Maintenance is the only place to buy sod grass, of the highest quality,  at the absolute best price.

We only sell 3 types of fresh-harvested sod grass: Empire Zoysia, Saint Augustine, and Centipede.

The cost for each is $175 for Zoysia and Saint Augustine, and $110 for Centipede.  There is an industry standard $8 pallet deposit.

When you come pickup your sod, please call before you drive,  so we can confirm your pallet(s) are available for pickup.

You can also buy sod grass by the roll,  at $3 a roll for the Zoysia and St Aug, and $2 a roll for the Centipede.

Transporting all this sod grass home can be a bit tricky, as one pallet of sod weighs about 2-3 thousand pounds. 

You certainly should consider using our convenient delivery service, only $50 a pallet with a minimum two.

Or you can rent one of our hauling trailers to transport your sod,  and it's cheaper than UHaul!

No matter how you choose to pickup, deliver or transport your new sod grass,  we guarantee that you will find only the best service and value here at Bryan's Lawn Maintenance.

Go ahead, place your sod grass order online and we'll get you taken care of.

Hope to sod you soon!